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Artwork for Roger Plexico's EP "No Man's Land", released digitally and in a special edition vinyl ("Roger" blue or lilac),
by independent music label Monster Jinx.

"Each place in the known world has a soundscape of its own. But what about the places once known and now forgotten? While it’s interesting to ask what did they sound like before, it’s far more compelling to ask how do they sound now.
What will multiple layers of erosion, abandonment, aging, ghost-invasion and myth do to a place? What rests now in these wastelands? Which bells do they ring within us?
Well, you already know Roger Plexico has been around the world. But what he’s been keeping to himself is how fascinated by these forsaken corners he’s always been.
Remember how you used to dare your friends to go wander the cemetery at midnight? Roger Plexico does that to himself and keeps a way broader definition of “cemetery”.

“No Man’s Land” is an EP collecting tracks inspired by theses ungodly, unkept, unstable pieces of land. Capturing the crackle of its bones, the drumming of its phantoms and the thumping of its demons, he composed odes to these monuments of banished memory.
Take a deep listen. Maybe just not in the dark. "

You can listen to No Man's Land below and buy the vinyl here